Wedding Reception Fun & Games

All wedding receptions are pretty similar. There’s the grand announcement when the couple walks in, traditional speeches, dinner, dancing and of course cake. So that your guests don’t know exactly what to expect… why not add some spice and surprise to step up the fun? You want your guests to remember your fun-filled wedding reception, and the best way to do this is to get them involved!

Here are a few of our favorite interactive ideas to get your loved ones in on the action of during your special day!

Idea #1 – Polaroid Camera

We’re throwing it back in time with a fun wedding idea that your GUESTS will love and YOU will cherish. Here’s what you do…place a polaroid camera on each table. Then let your guests go crazy taking pictures of your Brisbane city wedding reception venue. We’re sure they’ll capture tons of fantastic moments and maybe a few selfies along the way! It will be a blast to look back at your wedding through your guest’s perspective! Of course, you’ll love the great pictures your professional photographer will take, but guests will get fun moments throughout your wedding location that your photographer might have missed!

Idea #2 –  Time Capsule

Both charming and sentimental. Set our note cards for your guests to write their favorite memories with you and the groom. Then guests can place their memory cards in a large glass vase a.k.a. time capsule. This interactive wedding reception idea allows your partygoers to tell you about their favorite times. Your hubby and you will love getting to read the heartfelt notes. Split up the time capsule notes so that you can open some down the road – maybe leave some to open on your 10th or 20th wedding anniversary!

Idea #3 – Dance Party

Every wedding reception has dancing…but take your north Brisbane wedding reception to the next level. Get guests movin’ and grovin’ on the dance floor with interactive dances. The Cha-Cha slide is great for everyone. Guests can “move to the left” and “move to the right” all together. Don’t forget to throw in a dollar dance. You and your hubby start out dancing and then guests pay a dollar to jump in and dance with the bride or the groom.

Idea #4 – More than your average menu

Put a spin on the average wedding reception dinner with an interactive menu! Do more than the typical wedding menu of salad, entrée and dessert. Throw in fun food, snacks and appetizers to surprise your Brisbane wedding guests! How about one of Victoria Park’s sushi or dessert stations? Or provide your own donut wall? The options are endless! Your guests will fall in love with the tasty treats!

Idea #5 – Photo Booth

Rent a photo booth and add tons of fun costumes and props to match your theme. Place a sign with the date and name of you and your hubby-to-be for your guests to hold in photos. The photo booth pics are great wedding souvenirs that your guests can take home! It will be great for you and your husband to see the photo booth photos of guests enjoying your special day. Another bonus…the photo booth will get the kiddos involved too!

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