The holiday season brings many traditions. A major celebratory event is the annual work Christmas party! Make your celebration the best yet with some of our favourite Christmas party game ideas to play at any function venue. Your office will love getting a little competitive as they sip holiday cocktails and mingle with their coworkers.

#1 Christmas Party Jam Sesh

Blare the Christmas tunes AND turn it into a game! Make guests guess the song title and artist name! Each guesser that is correct will earn points. You’ll be impressed with how enthused and competitive your partygoers will become guessing the artists of the holiday season hits. It’s one of the best holiday games to get guests in the holiday spirit at your Christmas function.

#2 Guess that Christmas Movie

Everyone loves Christmas movies, so put everyone’s holiday knowledge to the test at your Brisbane holiday bash. Play Christmas movie trivia and see who really knows their favorite Christmas flicks. There are several ways to play this game at your corporate Christmas party. Have your party goers guess movies based off of famous quotes from the film, movie summaries, pictures or character names!

#3 Worst Christmas Gift Fiasco

Put a festive spin on your typical game of two truths and a lie. Have guest share the most nightmarish Christmas gifts, two that they have received and one that is a lie. Guests will roll with laughter as they listen to their work colleagues stories and laugh even harder when they guess which ones are real and which are not.

#4 Not your typical Gift Exchange

Instead of a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange, try hosting a unique gift auction! Everyone brings in gifts and trades them for fake Monopoly money. As the hostess, you can be the Christmas gift auctioneer! Then let the games begin! Let party goers bid on the gifts and get excited as they open them to find what’s inside. The gift auction will get your office hopping out of their seats with bids and excitement.

#5 Child-Friendly Christmas Party Fun

Include games for the little munchkins too in case your coworkers bring the kiddos along. You don’t want the kids to get bored and antsy during the Christmas shindig. Have games they can play too so that they don’t force your work colleagues to have to go home early. Try Pin-the-Heart-on-the-Grinch or Pin-the-Red-Nose on Rudolph.

Another idea is the Christmas Memory Game. Place different Christmas items on a tray (bell, Christmas movie, nut cracker, candle, wrapping paper, bow, etc.) and have the kids memorize it. Then take the tray away and have the kids try to remember as many items as possible.

With Christmas so close, you don’t want the kids to get on Santa’s naughty list! A fantastic corporate Christmas party tip is to have a designated “kids table.” This will give a special space just for the kids to play and stay out of any trouble they could get into (like sticking their fingers in the Christmas cake or stealing presents from under the tree).


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This year think outside-of-the-box (xmas present box that is) and consider some of these fun & festive themes for your xmas party venue!

Xmas Party Venue Masquerade Ball

If you want an elegantly themed xmas party venue, consider throwing a masquerade ball! It’s certainly a step up from an itchy ugly sweater party. This theme is elegant and classy! To get guests in the mood, consider making invitations that explain the history of masquerades. Don’t forget to remind guests to wear their best masquerade mask to the xmas party venue! Encourage them to get creative and make their own unique mask. Masquerade masks can be jazzed up with glitter, paint, feathers and so much more! For extra glamour to match your theme, decorate your Christmas function venue with harlequin patterns and theatre masks.

Xmas Around the World

People celebrate Christmas all around the world in many different ways! You can incorporate tons of different holiday traditions celebrated all over the globe. Santa has tons of names in different cultures. Decorate with photos of him as Kris Kringle, St. Nick, Pére Noel and the list goes on! Think about serving customary dishes from different countries. Italians typically celebrate the season with scrumptious biscottis, people in Latina America and the Caribbean enjoy fried plantains, the French celebrate with a sweet yule log cake, Greeks enjoy stuffed grape leaves and Costa Ricans prepare fresh tamales. Play trivia with fun facts from cultural traditions for your xmas function venue!

Nightmare Before Christmas Party Venue Theme

You probably have never thought about this theme…I am sure none of your guests have either! Nightmare Before Christmas theme is an extension of Halloween but in the winter. Decorations are super easy (even use leftover ones from Halloween). To keep a bit of Christmas spirit alive, place Santa hats or reindeer antlers on skeletons and skulls. Use black, white and red as your Christmas party venue colors. Your music playlist can include classic Christmas tunes with some random Halloween add-ins like “The Monster Mash.”

Candy Land Venue Theme

Sweeten things up with a Candy Land theme if you are not feeling a goth Nightmare Before Christmas. Use tons of lollipops, chocolate, candy canes, gummy bears and cotton candy to decorate tables and place in Christmas trees. Set out gingerbread houses, fancy cupcakes, big bows and ribbons to add to the whimsical Christmas party venue theme. Make the party extra sweet by incorporating a cookie or holiday dessert exchange. Have each guest bring their favorite holiday desserts (cake, cookies, brownies, puddings, etc.) and everyone can trade and sample yummy holiday treats!

Xmas Party Karaoke

Let guests belt out their favorite holiday songs at your xmas party venue! A Christmas karaoke theme is super fun for everyone no matter what age. Create an epic holiday playlist to keep the party rolling all night. Pull old classics like “Winter Wonderland” and jam out to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.” You can be super festive with your holiday décor using shimmery golds, rich reds and festive greens to create a fun party atmosphere for your xmas party function. Consider creating a stage-like setup in one of the corners of your xmas party venue. Use streamers and glitter to make your partygoers feel like stars as they sing their hearts out.

Top 3 Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas party options are endless at Victoria Park with eight unique venues to choose from and free parking on-site for all guests. A destination like no other, this year you can host a casual staff Putt Putt party or break out your black-tie attire for a fancy gala dinner all at one location! For the best office Christmas party yet, read below our top venue ideas for this festive season.

Casually Classy

A Putt Putt party creates a chic yet fun combination! Imagine mingling with your coworkers as you hit on our 18 hole fully licensed Putt Putt course. Guests will never forget this festive and active Christmas event. All functions at Victoria Park can add-on putt putt packages. This unique Christmas party idea has excitement written all over it!

Elegantly Charming

Looking to charm your guests? The Grand Ballroom will surpass your highest expectations! Classic decorations and timeless charm, this space is unique to Brisbane’s Victorian elegance. If you are looking to hold a sit-down dinner or cocktail style Christmas bash, the Grand Ballroom will make the most exquisite Christmas party venue.

Host an Extravaganza

Sparkling chandeliers, marble bar, and city views… does this sound more like your dream Christmas gala? Impress your guests with the most luxurious venue in Brisbane! The Marquee at Victoria Park makes the best event space to excite and entertain. Guest will be in the holiday spirit after spending an evening in extravagance.

Christmas Party Enquiries

No matter which party venue you select for you Brisbane office celebration, Victoria Park’s unique spaces will provide one of the most memorable and pleasurable corporate parties your colleagues have ever experienced! Enquire today for a tailored quote to bring on the holiday cheer!

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