Smoking Laws

$150 on-the-spot fines will be issued to anyone found smoking in the new no-smoking zones.  By law no one is permitted to smoke with-in 4 meters of a building.  A person must not smoke in an outdoor area that is available to be used for eating or drinking.  This general rule applies to all food and drink businesses.  The only areas patrons can smoke are, in the designated smoking areas.  The outdoor smoking area is not permitted to have food or beverage served in the area.  Patrons are not permitted to eat or drink in a designated outdoor smoking area.

RSA House Policy

Business Philosophy

It is the philosophy of Victoria Park to provide a safe secure and environment to both our clients and staff whilst maintaining a high level of service in a professional manner.

Expectations Of Staff With Responsible Service Of Alcohol

It is expected that our staff follow responsible service of alcohol regulations whilst providing an enjoyable experience for our clients.

Staff Training

Victoria Park is committed to having all staff trained in RSA prior to employment.  Training and monitoring of RSA will be reviewed on the job and through staff meetings.

Our Service

Staff and management are committed to giving our clients a service that is performed in a professional, responsible and friendly manner.


Under the liquor act, minors are not to be served any alcohol under any circumstances.  It is the policy of Victoria Park staff to ask for identification to verify legality of age.  Only five types of identification are eligible forms:

Current Australian driver’s license or learners permit,

Current passport

Victorian keypass

Australian government issued proof of age card (18+ card)

Current international drivers license (all forms of identification must have a photo)

In the event of individuals supplying alcoholic beverages for minors they will be respectfully evicted from premises.

Liquor Licensing Regulations state people under the age of 18 are not permitted in the Bistro areas unless under the direct supervision of a Parent or Guardian. The exception to this rule is if the guest is here without a parent or guardian and they are over the age of 16 they are allowed to be on the premises whilst each ordering and consuming a substantial meal.

Intoxicated Disorderly Patrons

Intoxicated or disorderly clients will be refused service of alcohol.  If a client is becoming disorderly or intoxicated they will be offered an option of non-alcoholic beverage (these will be available at all times) and or given assistance where necessary to organise a transport.
In the event of an intoxicated or disorderly client or a problem client creating a disturbance to staff or other clients security and or police will be called upon for assistance.  This will be done in a discrete and professional manner where possible as to not to create a disturbance to any other client or staff.

RSA Incident Reporting

All incidents involving the refusal of service, minors, problem clients and intoxicated or disorderly clients will be logged & reported on.  We are dedicated to the safety and security of both our clients and staff at Victoria Park.

Our expectation of clients and in their best interest is to comply with the reasonable request of staff and management of Victoria Park.