Looking for the perfect 21st birthday party venue?

It is a major birthday and calls for a major celebration. Your 21st birthday is a huge milestone. Let’s talk about the best tips to kickoff this special day!


Make your 21st birthday party venue classy yet sassy! If you want a more elaborate space, hang ribbons, flowers and use sophisticated table centerpieces. If the party is during the day it will have a crisp, yet playful feel with tons of natural sunlight pouring in. If it’s an evening event then ribbons, flowers and ambient lighting will make it very romantic and grown up.


This milestone birthday should be kept exciting and fun! Don’t shy away from vivid colors. Try fun combinations to pep up your birthday party venue!


Don’t forget to make a playlist! It’s your big 21 and you want to make sure the music creates the birthday vibes you want. Throw in some oldies for the grownups along with your favorite hits.

Make it interactive

Get a geofilter for your big day! Then friends can use it on snapchat when they post during your party!! Another idea is to create a hashtag that friends can use on Instagram photos. This will make it super easy to see all the fun your guests had at your 21st birthday bash.

More traditions

Another 21 birthday party idea is a birthday “shot book”.  The birthday girl chooses 21 of her closest friends to each create a page for the shot book which is essentially a scrapbook. Each friend decorates their shot book page with pictures of them and the birthday girl, stickers, glitter and fun captions. Then each page is given to the birthday girl to add to her book. Wondering the meaning behind the name “shot book”…friends can buy the birthday girl a drink/shot and then they write the drink type on the specific page that friend made.

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It’s birthday party time! Not everyone loves to bring attention to becoming older. But after all, age is just a number AND another birthday gives you an excuse to have a celebration. Are you turning 30, 40, 50 or 60 this year? Get ready to have the best milestone party yet! Any year is an incredible reason to celebrate your new age at Brisbane. Plan a birthday party dinner for your 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th at a venue, or get on the wild side with one of these creative birthday theme ideas:

Birthday Party Ideas for any venue

Happy 30th Birthday!

“Everything I know I learned after I was thirty.” – Georges Clemenceau

Your thirties are an opportunity to continue the fun of your twenties! But with MORE smarts and MORE confidence because you know so much more about yourself and life. This calls for celebration! Consider a fun party theme with bright, vibrant colors for your birthday party venue to symbolize your young, spunky day!

Yay 40th Birthday!

“You’re not forty, you’re eighteen, with twenty-two years worth of experience.” – Author Unknown

Forty, fun and fabulous! A Brisbane birthday is perfect to go all out! Consider a cocktail party with yummy appetizers and signature cocktails. OR add a more humorous touch to the bash with an “Over the Hill” themed party. At the birthday party venue use silly decorations to bring emphasis to the theme. Give out party favor candy with funny labels: write “denture glue” on gum or candy dots as “miracle hair growth.”

Hey 50th Birthday!

“Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age.” – French Proverb

This milestone birthday is BIG! Celebrate the half decade you have lived! This birthday should be personal and creative. One great idea is a slideshow or scrapbook with pictures ranging from childhood, to graduation, to family and more. Make the party venue extra fun with karaoke that all your guests can join in. Play the oldies and some modern tunes for the younger crowd.

Celebrate your 60th Birthday!

“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.” – Reverend Larry Lorenzoni

Make this bash festive and exciting with a spectacular 60th birthday theme! What about focusing on the decade of the birthday holder’s birth? Play music from the 1950s a.k.a. the days of Rock’n’Roll and Sock Hops. Guitars, poodle skirts and jukeboxes all fit into the theme. Guests will love a birthday party function room set back in the days of Elvis. No matter what, just have fun with this great milestone birthday!

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