The Wedding of Julie and Jake

Julie and Jake met out one night in Sydney watching a Sydney Swans game 6 years ago, and the rest as they say is history, but it wasn’t without its ups and downs….

Tell us about how you met?

When we met Jake was a rookie at the Sydney Swans, however 2 years into our relationship he sustained a back injury which, after a frustrating few months of x-rays/doctor visits/injections, eventually needed surgery. The surgery meant Jake could no longer play football. The career change saw Jake move back to his hometown of Brisbane whilst I stayed in Sydney, with both of us moving in with our parents while Jake decided what was next for him.

After several months of long-distance I made the move from Sydney to Brisbane. 10 months after my move, Jake was offered a role with Etihad, based in Abu Dhabi!

As Jake moved to Abu Dhabi to set up our life in the UAE, I returned to Sydney once more whilst looking for work in Abu Dhabi. More long-distance! Following nearly a year living apart, with only a visit every few months, I made the move to Abu Dhabi. Fast forward a few months and I had a beautiful ring on my finger!

What was the proposal like?

I proposed on Julia’s birthday. Initially I had planned to pop the question whilst jet skiing around Abu Dhabi islands at sunset. Unfortunately a huge sandstorm came around that weekend so that was out. Instead I arranged for Julia to get a birthday massage and changed the original jetski plan to dinner at Emirates Palace (a 7-star luxury hotel). After delicious Italian food and wine, Julia got the shock of her life when a golden platter came out containing the ring instead of dessert.

What was the location of you ceremony and reception?

The Victoria Park Ballroom

Why would you recommend Victoria Park to other people getting married?

Victoria Park were really helpful and responsive from the beginning. They had experience with weddings and were also able to arrange music, photobooth, styling etc which made a huge difference. It was all very easy. Of course the clincher was the venue itself – marquee overlooking the golf greenery for the ceremony and beautiful ballroom with chandeliers for the reception.


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