The Wedding of Evana and Hoang

The Victoria Park team were delighted to celebrate the wedding reception of Evana and Hoang recently in the Marquee.

Long term friends Evana and Hoang first met at work. Evana shares how Wayne proposed in their driveway late one evening after a romantic dinner for two. Evana entertainingly recounts:

‘Wayne opened my door and got down on two knees. He pulled out a box from his back pocket after some struggle then just stared at me for a little while before just putting the box in my lap. When I realised what was happening I asked him if he wanted to try this again. Wayne just laughed, finally opened the box and instead of asking me ‘will you marry me?’ he said ‘can I stand up now my knees are hurting’


The couple were married at Our Lady of Sacred Heart before arriving at Victoria Park for their reception. When they arrived at Victoria Park, Evana remembers being pleasantly surprised that the venue looked “so fantastic, more than we imagined it would”.

Evana and Hoang worked with Victoria Park’s stylist to ensure they achieved the wedding ambiance they desired. The end result was a touch of romance, elegance and fun with custom lit initials for the Bride and Groom, indoor cherry blossoms decorated with white lights and fireworks to conclude.

When asked their favourite memories from their reception, the couple revealed taking photos with friends and family to capture memories and of course, their first dance were shared highlights. We were also delighted to hear Evana confide:

‘The food was fantastic, with awesome feedback from all the guests (even the fussy ones). It was served so efficiently, everyone was satisfied and there was even a few comments that guests had never actually been full at a wedding until now!’

The Victoria Park team wish Evana and Hoang a wonderful life together full of love, laughter and happiness.


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