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Top Wedding Trends in 2019

13 Experts Reveal Their Predictions

We asked 13 wedding experts from around the world: What are the top three new wedding trends to watch out for in 2019? The predictions we received from these experts are fantastic and a real inspiration for your wedding planning. We have listed them all below.

Jenny Wren. Follow her on Instagram

Flower Hoops (be it a replacement for bouquets or as hanging decs, wreaths etc.)

Hanging flower hoops within a marquee or a venue with high ceilings can fill a big space and create an impressive visual impact. They also work as an alternative to centerpieces, freeing up space on the tables, especially useful if you are having sharing platters.

Ultraviolet (moody, colourful florals)

‘Ultraviolet’ 18-3838 is Pantones 2018 colour of the year for 2018, a vibrant deviation from last years fresh nature-hinting tone ‘Greenery’.  As a dramatic pungent shade, I suggest introducing into your wedding in through small elements, to avoid it overpowering the colour scheme. For example this could be through coloured glassware on the tables, giving a pop of the colour without the intensity of full coloured tablecloths.  Or using it as part of an ombre effect on the cake or stationery. Incorporate it within your flowers, mixing the shade with cornflower blue, grey succulents and lush green foliage or with pastels such as lilac and blush pinks.

Pared Back Luxury (our venues, ‘woodsy’ not rustic)

This style is particularly apt for a wedding in Cornwall in a Unique Home stays property. Think uncovered chunky oak tables and chairs teamed with organic cotton or hand died bamboo silk table runners to add texture (Lancaster & Cornish are a fantastic local maker of these).  Stationery is often unfussy with the use of calligraphy on deckled edge handmade paper.  Flower arrangements should adopt a loose, unstructured, un-manicured natural feel in subtle and neutral tones with delicate light green and silver foliage.

Creative Stationary (wax seals, laser cut)

The invitations are often the very first hint to your guests, of the style of your wedding and can set the tone for the day. There is so much choice available now, with creative elements constantly increasing such as gold foiling, wax seals, laser cut, calligraphy, personalised monograms… the list goes on. One of our couples had a wedding signature scent created for them, each invite was scented with this!

Fun Food

The food you serve at your wedding is what will fuel the party, it will be noted and noticed by your guests and whether it is good or bad it will be talked about for long after the day is over. Dessert stations are a lot of fun and get people up and moving around towards the end of the meal. Either have various options dotted around the venue or one dessert table with all the sweet treats displayed together. Creating different heights on the table and using a variation of dishes to serve them in adds interest to the look. Some examples may be mini indulgent chocolate mousses, macaroons, bite size zesty lemon tarts and cake pops for the children.

 Elopements (cut the guest list)

I absolutely love elopement weddings, I have had a big rise in bookings for them in recent months. The meaning of the word elopement has shifted from the traditional meaning which was to run away secretly with the intention of getting married, usually without parental consent or knowing. However these days it can simply mean a small wedding, whether this is with a small group of your nearest and dearest or just two witnesses. I find elopement weddings are often the ones that stay true to what weddings are all about, the couple, the love and the vows you take. There is something really lovely about the intimacy and relaxed nature of the day.

Jesse Calhoun, Event Planner @ La Bella Planners  Follow her on Instagram

We are definitely seeing a lot of stand-out trends for 2019 but the main three that stick out for me are

Royal Wedding Inspiration

We saw this a lot with the last royal wedding where in the year following many brides look to recreate the elegance of the royal wedding. This is sure to happen again in the coming years following the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wedding.

Pants on the Wedding Day

Many brides are looking to be comfortable on their wedding day but dresses can inhibit this. We have seen many designers creating bridal looks with pants which are comfortable and functional while still being elegant and feminine. These looks can be used for both a ceremony look or for a comfortable reception outfit.


Many brides have been finding beauty in the “less-is-more” approach. This can be applied to every aspect of the wedding and it creates a very clean and sophisticated look.

Gill Neild, Yorkshire wedding planner @Planned with Gill. Follow her on Twitter

Blue Dresses

The SS19 catwalk shows featured styles from a number of designers in delicate shades of blue. As brides seek something a little different in their wedding dresses, opting for a subtle shade could prove an enticing choice. Examples from Leanne Marshall and one of my personal favourites, Jenny Packham


One of my personal passions is ribbons. This year I have seen an increasing raft of creatives who are making hand dyed ribbons, often from plant based materials. The SS19 bridal catwalks were full of wedding dress designs featuring ribbon detailing (think Lela Rose and Ramona New York Collection for perfect exmaples!

The Meghan Effect

It’s totally stating the obvious, but it has to be said. The Meghan Markle effect is going to be seen in weddings in 2019. Not just in paired back, super simple and uber elegant dresses; but also in detailed veils. I can see the appeal for lots of brides in splashing out on a veil with amazing details that truly delight. Dress styles from Anne Barge and Justin Alexander will make good choices.

Anna Wang   Follow her on Twitter

What I have noticed throughout 2018, Hil, plums, burgundy, greenery was the flair.

In 2019 I really believe that pastel colours will be liked very much. Dusty pinks, lilacs, champagne tones.

On the other hand Brides are going to go for the dark mysterious look with black dance floors, gold accents, the darker look. With lighter flowers to offset the darkness.

Lots and lots and lots of new ceiling designs. Crystals, flowers and lots of new shapes and ornaments.

Shannon Leahy . Like her on Facebook

Clean, minimal designs are still going strong and thanks to the Duchess of Sussex’s dress we see this trend continuing.

We are seeing a return to more renaissance and medieval inspired designs – with a nod to the modern. The Vogue Met Ball exemplified this trend.

Lastly unique floral and greenery installations are hot and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, the more natural and organic the better.

Cara Hammer of First Kiss Weddings  Follow her on Instagram

The recent Royal Wedding has inspired all things glamorous, simple and elegant.

The horse and carriage, a MUST for making a statement entrance that is as grand as it is royal. The bride will likely be wearing a pure white or ivory princess gown, the groom will be striking in a tux and tails.

A food experience that guests will never forget. The year 2019 will bring small bites, more courses and personalised favourites. Paired of course, with the perfect cocktail named after the bride and groom.

Highlights of pastel colours such as coral, teal, turquoise and blush pinks will pop amongst a background of natural greenery. Oversized balloons dot their way around the venue with glitter, confetti and all things pretty.

Audrey Hu-Gonzalez of Events by Audrey. Follow her on Instagram

Top 2019 wedding trends:

  • Cash and/or “honey fund” is popular where guests can send money over to an account that they can then use for whatever they like.
  • Venmo is in.
  • Signature foods that represent them as a couple
  • Fusion wedding mixing both cultures together
  • Yoga or group exercise before wedding
  • Going all natural or organic or even vegetarian is new
  • Boba tea stations are all the rage right now
  • Unique entertainment such as fire eater, belly dancer, even hiring a Zumba instructor to start the party.

Susie Evans of Inspired by Susie Evans. Follow her on Instagram

Lots of greenery and simple colour palettes

Whilst foliage and greenery has been seen a lot over the last 2 years, I can see bigger, bolder displays, arches and features. Whether this be with entrance arches or overwhelming textures of greenery used as a backdrop, I think we will see a departure of the solid floral backdrops that we have seen everywhere.

Bridal Bouquet

ollowing on from the royal wedding, I believe we will see brides focusing more on the sentiment and less of the overall look. We have seen big bouquets with overflowing natural flowers and a style that has been around for a few years now so I predict we will start to see smaller bouquets with more focus on the idea of bringing more meaningful flowers to their bouquets for example, adding your grandmother’s favourite flower or perhaps a flower that represents the family name?

One gown or two…or maybe three?

Again, we have to thank the Meghan Markle but we will certainly see more and more brides and also grooms looking to have a number of outfit changes with a little more focus on comfort come the evening allowing them to hit the dance in style as well as comfort. I predict we will see more elegant jumpsuits or simple, classic designs of gowns come the evening reception.

Ravita Atwal  of Vekha Events  Follow her on Instagram

Food is key

People want to move away from the traditional sit down meal and are opting for a number of different live food stations. This gives more of a relaxed atmosphere and enables your guests to have food as and when they want to. Other details that will add to the guest experience are mobile bars, prosecco vans and mixologists.

Bright and rich

When it comes to decor options rose gold and blush are definitely on their way out. Bright and rich colours are what we are seeing for 2019. You can incorporate these colours in all aspects of your wedding decor from table settings, candles, linens and florals. Turquoise is definitely one of the key colours for 2019.

Virtual reality

Everyone has been to a wedding with a photo booth, whilst these can be fun they are starting to lose their appeal. Video booths will be the new big thing, where guest can leave you with a personalised message creating an entertaining alternative guest book.

Rebecca Barnett  Follow her on Instagram

Greenery was big in 2018 and will definitely be sticking around for 2019, go for something wild and natural by mixing foliage.

Colour will feature more heavily than in previous years, think deep shades like burgundy and hunter green for a striking and moody look to your day or mix several shades from the same palette to create a fresh and on trend feel to your styling.

The royal wedding this year is likely to have the biggest effect on 2019 wedding trends, you’ll definitely be seeing elements from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding appearing throughout 2019 and beyond.

Helen Davies   Follow her on Instagram

Looking forward into 2019, it is clear that size really does matter! Less is most definitely more as couples look to optimise their wedding budget by becoming increasingly discerning in regard to the length of their guest list, choosing only to invite those closest to them in favour of offering a better quality of experience. Smaller, more intimate weddings with an emphasis on the after-party will occupy venues that are capable of offering the kind of uniqueness that can only be achieved with exclusive use, combined with the freedom and flexibility for couples to determine precisely what type of experience they would like their guests to have.

The dress – look no further than the Meghan Markle effect, which is bound to make its mark on the Bridal world! Expect the royal wedding’s influence to reign supreme with glittering tiaras and accessories fit for a princess. If the inspiring collections that hit the catwalk during this year’s Bridal Fashion Week are anything to go by, the clean lines combined with sheer and sparkle that were so prominent during 2018 may even extend to include the emergence of the jump suit.

Flowers will be more colourful, incorporating moody tones such as russet and indigo and lots and lots of foliage. As opposed to the structured spheres and domes amassed with blush pink and neutral roses seen in recent years, Brides will turn their heads towards arrangements that are natural, soft and lush with a great deal of greenery.

Jennifer Holden of Raspberry Bespoke EventsFollow her on Instagram

Keeping it Chic

2019 is looking to be the year of uber chic florals – flowers of the delicate nature such as lilly of the valley and white lilac are appearing to be a bit hit – pretty and eye-catching in the same breathe.

Timeless Classics Bridal Gowns

Regal style is sure to be a big hi thanks to the Meghan Markle effect.  This look is sure to take a hold and influence the fashion trends for bridal gowns next year.  We are waiting with bated breathe to see what Meghan will wear as we can guarantee this will provide a clear indicator for our fashion forward brides.  We are still seeing an insurgence of regal classic – a gown that is timeless, elegant and worthy of any style conscious bride – the Princess of Cambridge effect.


As a bespoke planner Im beyond excited that clients are now super receptive to the whole experience concept.  No longer are brides and grooms choosing suppliers to work on their weddings but they are now choosing to work with planners who create a journey and experience for all the guests to enjoy.  This can be from scenting invitations to immersive decoration creating a wedding experience that stays with your guests for long after the wedding day itself.

Minihaha Grande. Follow her on Instagram

Veils replaced by Capes

Modern brides will now replace veils with Capes. We have seen many bridal designers including Elie Saab designing statement wedding capes and I think this is a trend that’s going to take the wedding world by storm.

Minimalist Designing!

Looking back at the Royal Wedding; It was done with so much elegance and simplicity. This is an emerging trend in the wedding industry. The details will create a uniquely modern, simple but elegant wedding design.

Air Balloon Arch​

We all know that a wedding isn’t a wedding without flowers. Many couples are now opting for air balloon arc displays with minimal flowers as opposed to a full floral one. The wedding world is big on balloons right now.



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