Top Reasons To Get A Golf Lesson

Learn How A Golf Lesson Can Improve Your Game

Whether you’re a club member, weekend warrior or newbie to the game, a golf lesson is never a bad idea if you’re looking for some expert advice on how you can improve your swing. We’ve all had friends give us advice before, and while that’s helpful to an extent, the difference between a friend’s advice and a PGA Golf Professional with years of experience will be undeniable once you’re hitting it longer and straighter from just one golf lesson.

Top Reasons To Get A Golf Lesson

1. Build your confidence

Having an understanding of what’s going on with your swing is the best way to build confidence with your shots. You may constantly fear pulling your 4 iron out because it will go right regardless of what you try. With a golf lesson at Victoria Park, your coach will identify the problem, make any necessary changes and then educate you on the cause and effect of the problem. You’ll walk away feeling like you’ve got a grip on that troublesome 4 iron slice and your score card will thank you for it.

2. It’s the best way for beginners to learn golf

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a golf club before, getting a golf lesson right from the beginning will teach you the swing fundamentals and create positive behaviours for your swing to ensure you get started on the right swing path.

3. Sacrifice fewer balls to the water gods

There’s a reason why you hit it in the water every time you get to the 4th tee and get the jitters about losing another ball – your thinking is focused on the water hazard! Your golf coach can work with you to identify mental barriers that arise when faced with a difficult shot and create contingency plans to overcome these avoid getting into trouble during your round.

4. You can’t see what you’re doing wrong

Would you try and fix something that’s broken without being able to see it? No you would not. Fixing your golf swing should take the same approach. That’s why getting a golf lesson and having a qualified professional to assess your swing and recommend changes for improvement is so important. If you’re constantly trying to feel your way through the problem without having a professional objectively view your swing then you’ll never see noticeable, long term improvements in your game.


Why get a golf lesson at Victoria Park

1. Industry leading facility and technology

Victoria Park’s Golf Learning Centre is a double storey studio featuring six coaching bays equipped with the latest technology including Trackman, high speed cameras, Force Plates and Golf Swing Analysis Software. The facility also includes a putting studio with SAM Putt Lab, and a dedicated golf fitness studio. With every lesson in the Golf Learning Centre you can expect to walk away with a personalised video report and Trackman data analysis

2. Award winning golf coaches

Coaching options are endless with 14 qualified PGA, LPGA and US LPGA golf coaches working at Victoria Park that are available to help you improve your game. You can read more about each of our fantastic golf coaches here.

3. Availability 

Golf lessons at Victoria Park are available 7 days a week, from 6am – 9pm. Which means you’ve got the option to get a lesson outside of normal 9-5 business hours. Book a lesson when it suits you best.


If you’re interested in booking a golf lesson at Victoria Park, call 3252 9891 or book online here

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