Top 5 ideas for the best work Christmas party

A holiday work party is a great opportunity for co-workers to get together, share a good time and even build better relationships that can translate to a more productive and efficient office. These 5 effortless ideas will put you on track to throwing the perfect Christmas work party!

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#1: Get the team together

The purpose behind this party is to get your employees together and give them a fun celebration, right? It’s fantastic to involve everyone in the planning process. Get input from all the committees and departments at work. Hold a group vote or send out a survey asking what food, games and themes people prefer or would like to see! This makes everyone feel like their opinion matters. Plus, employees will enjoy seeing their ideas come alive at the Christmas party.

#2: Holiday drinks and eats

The food is one of the most important parts of the party! Guests typically look forward to yummy dishes, sweet treats and snazzy drinks. Food options are endless. You can choose to have fancy served plates or have more appetizers and snacks.  A holiday work party is a merry time for coworkers to share a couple drinks together. Make the cocktail selection relate to the holidays. Think about serving hot cranberry sangria, candy cane cocktails or eggnog martinis.

#3: Surprise around every corner

Keep guests on their toes and having fun with mini surprises planned throughout the night. Consider having random raffles during the party to show appreciation for the hard work employees put in throughout the year. If you choose to have raffles, think about having small contests at work where employees can earn raffle tickets the month leading up to the party. These contests can be work-related, such as highest sales. Another contest to earn raffle tickets could be donation related (after all, this is the season of giving). Encourage employees to earn tickets by bringing in canned food and items that can be donated to a local shelter or food kitchen. It’s a win-win for everyone!

#4: Themes galore

A Christmas work party isn’t complete without some sort of theme. Center the party theme on a holiday movie, such as A Christmas Story. Serve foods and drinks that are seen in the Christmas movie you select. Try a Christmas Around the World theme – serve international dishes with popular holiday foods from different countries. This could include yule log cake from France, cured ham from Spain, cosquito (an alcoholic egg nog drink) from Puerto Rico or mango and sticky rice from Thailand – the list goes on! Another festive theme is a White Christmas. Opt for pure white decor, plates, linens and even white Christmas trees. Consider having guests wear all-white to match the theme.

#5: It’s all fun & games

Bring on the games! They don’t have to be cheesy, and you don’t have to force employees to play if they don’t want to. Games can be a fun way for coworkers to bond. Choose to have group games or random activities throughout the night for guests to get involved and get competitive. A Christmas-themed charades will surely get people chatting and laughing. A holiday movie trivia game will test your guests knowledge of seasonal films. Another activity is to build gingerbread houses, you can even make it a gingerbread house competition between teams to get everyone involved and excited.  Which department or committee can build the best gingerbread house?

Guests will enjoy your work party with these fun ideas and tips. They’ll have a memorable night competing against their coworkers as they play Christmas games and enjoy tasty eats and festive drinks. This holiday work party is the perfect way to end the year AND thank your employees for all they do.

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