The Wedding of Sarah and Etienne

Tell us about your journey together, from how you met, to what the proposal was like!

Etienne and I met on Tinder when it was first created. Our relationship flourished through our shared love of travelling and experiencing new cultures. We had been together for just over six years before he proposed. We actually had a trip to Iceland planned in 2019, and I thought he was going to propose there. Little did I know that, although that was his original plan, he was too excited once he purchased the ring, and he ended up proposing at home instead. Etienne completely surprised me with a romantic proposal at home after I had finished work.

We initially planned to get married in October 2020, but the pandemic had other plans. Since then, we postponed our wedding twice, bought a house, and welcomed two dogs into our family. Finally, we managed to tie the knot with all our friends and family in attendance on February 5, 2022

What (besides the obvious “I do” was your favourite part of your wedding?

The reception! Having all of our friends and family in the one room happy and having a good time was such an amazing experience.

Sarah and Etienne Post Wedding Ceremony Stroll Through Victoria Park Parklands

Tell us about your decorations and wedding styling – did you incorporate anything new/ a theme? What did you choose for your wedding entertainment and guest favours?

Our decorations were a lot of greenery and candles. I love the warm light that candles give, they gave everything a warm and relaxed type of vibe. I just wanted something simple that looked cohesive with the rest of our decorations.

Victoria Park Wedding Reception Garden Marquee

What did you choose for your wedding entertainment and guest favors?

We chose our DJ as recommended by Victoria Park – GM Group. Our DJ was amazing. We have her a song list compiled by us and our guests prior to the wedding but hen also told her what kind of music we liked and that we were also open to any of her ideas. As soon as the dance floor was open, it was never not occupied. She also got an encore after she called the last song, which wrapped up our wedding perfectly.

Our guest favors were salted caramel flavoured popcorn from Clouds of Sweet Favors. They were lovely and enjoyed as a snack by our guests at any point during the reception or were taken home.

Post Wedding Ceremony Stroll Through Victoria Park Parklands

What’s the best piece of advice you can give other brides to be?

Try not to be overwhelmed by planning a wedding. Break it down, write your notes down and start your research and booking things early. Do small parts everyday and enjoy it. The whole day goes by so quickly. Enjoy it.

Post Ceremony Stroll Through Victoria Park Parklands with City Views

Would you recommend Victoria Park to other people getting married?

Absolutely! Having your own wedding planner who knows what she is doing made planning (and having to postpone twice) a wedding in the middle of the pandemic so easy. The team at Victoria Park are a professional well-oiled machine and have an answer to every question you could possibly have.  They went out of their way to make our wedding so incredibly enjoyable.

Below are the fantastic suppliers that helped bring Sarah & Etienne’s dream day to life:

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