Meet Our New Bistro Head Chef: Scott Kennedy

Born and raised in Brisbane, Scott first hit the chef scene in the Moreton Bay region. Right from the beginning of his career Scott was exposed to the fantastic produce available in South East Queensland by supporting local farmers.

Having spent time immersing himself in the hospitality industry in Brisbane and Sydney, Scott then set off across the world. First stop was Hong Kong where he worked in some of the biggest catering companies, noting this as one of the highlights of his career. He then spent many years in the fine dining scene of Germany, enjoying an occasional trek across Europe to enjoy local cuisine and curate inspiration.

Returning to his Brisbane roots, Scott aims to continue with Victoria Park’s fresh, local food philosophy and share his worldly knowledge with the team.

Here’s what Scott had to say when we sat down with him recently…


Where do you like to draw inspiration from?

I frequently dine at local restaurants and food venues, finding that the best place to draw inspiration from is my own dining experiences.

What’s your favourite dish from the new menu at the Bistro?

My crab linguini is a dish I am very passionate about. It is such a unique dish so suited to the Brisbane lifestyle. So light but packed full of flavour.

What’s the one thing you can’t go without in the kitchen?

Fresh local produce is the cornerstone of my kitchen, and it’s a great way to support local businesses.

What’s your go to dish when cooking at home?

I am very grateful to have spare time with family and friends. I love cooking the whole 3 course journey, and it must be with a great bottle of red.

What’s one food that you always crave?

Tom Yum Soup. I love the freshness, alongside the spicy and sour hit you get from the soup.


Victoria Park’s Bistro is reopening from 19th June for breakfast and lunch, Wednesday – Sunday.

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