Corporate Christmas Party Games

The holiday season brings many traditions. A major celebratory event is the annual work Christmas party! Make your celebration the best yet with some of our favourite Christmas party game ideas to play at any function venue. Your office will love getting a little competitive as they sip holiday cocktails and mingle with their coworkers.

#1 Christmas Party Jam Sesh

Blare the Christmas tunes AND turn it into a game! Make guests guess the song title and artist name! Each guesser that is correct will earn points. You’ll be impressed with how enthused and competitive your partygoers will become guessing the artists of the holiday season hits. It’s one of the best holiday games to get guests in the holiday spirit at your Christmas function.

#2 Guess that Christmas Movie

Everyone loves Christmas movies, so put everyone’s holiday knowledge to the test at your Brisbane holiday bash. Play Christmas movie trivia and see who really knows their favorite Christmas flicks. There are several ways to play this game at your corporate Christmas party. Have your party goers guess movies based off of famous quotes from the film, movie summaries, pictures or character names!

#3 Worst Christmas Gift Fiasco

Put a festive spin on your typical game of two truths and a lie. Have guest share the most nightmarish Christmas gifts, two that they have received and one that is a lie. Guests will roll with laughter as they listen to their work colleagues stories and laugh even harder when they guess which ones are real and which are not.

#4 Not your typical Gift Exchange

Instead of a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange, try hosting a unique gift auction! Everyone brings in gifts and trades them for fake Monopoly money. As the hostess, you can be the Christmas gift auctioneer! Then let the games begin! Let party goers bid on the gifts and get excited as they open them to find what’s inside. The gift auction will get your office hopping out of their seats with bids and excitement.

#5 Child-Friendly Christmas Party Fun

Include games for the little munchkins too in case your coworkers bring the kiddos along. You don’t want the kids to get bored and antsy during the Christmas shindig. Have games they can play too so that they don’t force your work colleagues to have to go home early. Try Pin-the-Heart-on-the-Grinch or Pin-the-Red-Nose on Rudolph.

Another idea is the Christmas Memory Game. Place different Christmas items on a tray (bell, Christmas movie, nut cracker, candle, wrapping paper, bow, etc.) and have the kids memorize it. Then take the tray away and have the kids try to remember as many items as possible.

With Christmas so close, you don’t want the kids to get on Santa’s naughty list! A fantastic corporate Christmas party tip is to have a designated “kids table.” This will give a special space just for the kids to play and stay out of any trouble they could get into (like sticking their fingers in the Christmas cake or stealing presents from under the tree).


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