7 tips on selecting the best business meeting venues

Has your boss asked you to organise an external room for a meeting? If so, why not opt for something different? Whilst there’s lots of business meeting venues available around Brisbane, selecting a boring room inside a hotel for your meeting isn’t going to earn you any favours. What you want is something that’s affordable, fit for purpose and spectacular in some way. Something that makes your mark and shows your boss that you are very good at your job!

Facilities offered by popular business meeting venues

So your first strategy is to make a shortlist of venues that meet your criteria, then whittle them down until you can make your final decision. To give you a helping hand, here are seven elements that every meeting venue should provide before you add it to your short list.

1. Room Size

Does the venue offer you enough room for your meeting? This is an essential factor in your selection, because if it doesn’t have the right amount of space, it’s off your list. To make this determination, you need to know how many people will be attending the meeting and whether you need an additional space for lunch to be served. Victoria Park offers seven different business meeting venues with a capacity ranging between 30 to 400 seated attendees. Our largest spaces can cater to 1,000 cocktail guests, so if you have 400 attendees and will be holding a cocktail hour for attendees and their guests in the evening, The Marquee might be a good option.

2. Room Rates & Availability

Once you know that the venue has the space you require for your business meeting, you need to make sure that these rooms are available for your preferred dates. You also need to ensure that the room rates align with your budget, so identifying what’s included in this price is essential. If the venue doesn’t have your dates available and you can’t change your dates, then simply move on to the next venue on your list. The same goes for the costs, if you feel that the rates don’t give you value for money, then cross them off your list and move on.


3. What’s included in the venue costs?

Most business meeting venues have specific inclusions, but if they don’t include the basics you need, cross them off your list. Features you may need include free WIFI for your attendees and guest speakers, lectern and microphone, data projector and screen, flipchart or whiteboard, notepads and pens, and registration desk. Anything else is an added bonus! Victoria Park provides all of these features in the price of your room and if you achieve a minimum spend, we throw in the room hire for free!

4. Catering

Providing meals for your attendees is a great way to encourage people to attend your meeting, but these meals need to be both tasty and affordable. You don’t want people wandering around looking for food outside your venue, because it might take forever to herd them all back again! Victoria Park offers a full day and a half day event package, both of which include catering. The full day includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch, whilst the half day includes lunch and either morning or afternoon tea. Tea and coffee are available freely throughout your event.

5. Breakout spaces

Breakout spaces might not be important to your meeting, but it’s nice to know that they are available if needed. At each of Victoria Park’s venues there are covered outdoor patio areas that can be used for breakout spaces, but we can also partition the larger venues to provide these spaces for your event.


6. Parking & accessibility

Unless your list of business meeting venues are within walking distance of everyone attending, you will need the venue to be easily accessible with sufficient parking. Since Victoria Park is so close to the city, it’s only a quick 10 minute cab ride. If attendees prefer to drive, then we have plenty of free parking available.

7. Stunning Views

All of the above features will most likely be essential to your meeting, however something special that isn’t necessary are stunning views. If you want your meeting to be memorable for all the right reasons (and your part in its organisation noted), you want a serious edge. So how about spectacular views of the city and a location set in 27 hectares of fabulous rolling lawns, garden beds, native plants and mature trees? That’s what Victoria Park offers and it’s why we are one of the most popular business meeting venues in Brisbane. 

For more information on our fabulous business venues, check out our function page or give us a call on 07 3252 0666.

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