6 Steps to Planning The Perfect Marriage Proposal

The Victoria Park wedding team hear proposal stories every week from lovely engaged couples searching for their dream wedding venue. This blog is a list of our favourite steps taken on the proposal journey. Do you have a favourite? Contact us at [email protected] to share yours today!


Choose The Perfect Ring

Finding the engagement ring that best represents your partner, and the love you share is the focal point of your proposal, so it’s important to get a head start on ring shopping. Follow the four C’s, cut, clarity, carat, and color, when looking for options. Talking to an experienced jeweler can also help if you are lost for inspiration. They can pull options based on your desired style, and help to narrow down your choices. Create a budget ahead of time and make this known to your jeweler to help them gear your options to a more affordable price range. This will also affect the size of the stone and the material of the ring so keep this in mind when setting your price range. Check out these other tips to help you when you hit the shops to find that perfect engagement ring.


Ask A Best Friend

Having your friends involved creates a more personalized proposal that has added touches from those you both care about most. Gather both your friends and hers to brainstorm some ideas, and maybe find a way to incorporate them into the special day and have them be in the proposal! If your significant other is a family and friends oriented kind of person, having their favorite people sharing in the excitement will make it the perfect proposal. Plan to meet and gather everyone well in advance to make sure everyone has time to prepare and plan for the big day. Coordinate a way to meet before the proposal as well, to make sure the day runs smoothly and everyone is on the same page, and included. Then have a little party post proposal to celebrate together!


Rehearse The Right Words

Knowing what you’re going to say before getting down on one knee to propose can help to avoid stage fright or proposal paralysis. Writing from the heart can be a difficult task. Add on the pressure of asking your significant other to spend the rest of your lives together, it can give you some serious writers block. Start with an outline that includes special memories, how you feel about your partner, and the emotions you feel about entering this new exciting chapter together (Check out these other helpful prompts). Add in why you love them, and why they’re your person, then once your ideas are all on the page, connect them into a monologue perfect for your proposal. Be sure to rehearse ahead of time, and also keep it to a reasonable length. The excitement of the moment may rush things, so having a concise speech will ensure you get to share everything before popping the big question and awaiting their answer.


Receive Parents Blessing

This may be the more traditional route, but is another way you can incorporate your loved ones in the proposal. Asking for your fiance-to-be’s hand in marriage is an important step that can be a bit intimidating. This is where the perfect timing comes in. Asking at a busy moment or a family gathering might not be the right time. Instead reach out and plan a date to get together and talk about your proposal plans. This is also a great time to ask them about an heirloom ring they may have planned for your partners proposal, or if not, to walk through some ring ideas with them. Take them through an intuitive online jeweler site to find the engagement ring that stands out the most to all parties. This makes the ring a little more special by having your partner’s parents opinion on the ring they will adorn for years to come.


Find A Charming Place

Picking the backdrop for your proposal takes time and some planning, especially if it’s a destination proposal. Use sites like Tripadvisor to help you find your perfect proposal hotspot, or popular tourist area. Or, look for more intimate and low-key setting to make it more personal to you, and less of a spectacle in front of your fellow tourists. Get locals advice and also plan a post proposal dinner for some local cuisine to celebrate. Even if you’re staying closer to home, it still helps to do some research to find the right place as well, or pick a spot you have shared some of your favorite memorable times together. Make sure to contact any vendors necessary ahead of time to make sure everything is prepared and ready for the big question.


Capture The Moment

Having a professional photographer present makes it easy to capture the moment and have something to remember the day by, especially because it can be a blur from all of the excitement. Make sure to meet and go over your budget with your photographer, and also decide on the style of the shoot. Give them time as well to look over the setting of the proposal to find the right spot to set up for the perfect picture. Have them do a photoshoot after as well, and maybe use these as your save the date invitations, or reception decorations. See if your photographer also does prints, and create a photo wall in your new home together to remember this special milestone in your relationship together.

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