5 tips to choosing the perfect meeting venue

You must ask yourself several questions when choosing the perfect meeting venue. How many guests do you anticipate will attend? What’s the goal of the meeting? Will you need to provide food? What must the event space require? Will you have out-of-town guests? Simply answer these questions to select an event venue with ease.

Tip #1 – Figure out the guest list

The number of people you invite has a major impact on what venue size is right for your meeting. A guest list of 12 attendees may only require a small space, but you’ll need a ballroom size space for a large conference style meeting. No one wants to be crammed in a small space. Adequately match your guest numbers with the venue size – this ensures everyone has a blissful time at your meeting.

Tip #2 – Purpose of the meeting

The meeting venue should connect with your brand and match the reason for the meeting. Choose a more light-hearted, well-lit spacious venue for an afternoon filled with team building activities and exercises. Select a more stoic, historic and serious atmosphere for a large meeting of executives or important clients. The meeting room will set the mood so it should coincide with the purpose for holding the event.

Tip #3 – Will food be served

If you answered no, skip to tip #4. If you answered yes, continue reading! Make things easier on yourself by choosing a venue that can cater the food for you. This cuts out an entire step of finding an outside caterer. The venue can work with you based on what type of meeting you plan to host. A simple hour-long event may only need a few appetizers and drinks such as coffee and tea. However if you’re hosting a luncheon,  guests will expect a full meal.

Tip #4 – Look to compare meeting rooms

Nothing quite compares to going to the venue space yourself and checking it out. Visit your desired venue far in advance to the date of your meeting. Will you need an electrical outlet in a certain area of the room to set up a projector or mic stand? Is the room going to serve your meeting as you imaged? Visiting the venue beforehand can also allow you to plan how  you want to set up the space to best fit the meeting’s purpose.

Tip #5 – Are guests visiting from far places

Some meetings will require nearby lodging. Large conferences often have guests visiting from out of town. Plan ahead for attendees that will need a place to stay. Maybe include a list of nearby hotels in the conference invite. Guests will appreciate this added consideration and thoughtfulness. Even take it one step further by checking with hotels and asking if they offer room blocks for a group of guests that you know will require lodging.

Happy planning!

Plan the perfect meeting at the most fitting venue with these top 5 tips. From narrowing down your guest numbers to identifying the true purpose of your meeting – answers to these questions will guide you in the right direction Happy planning!


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