5 steps to throw an effortless cocktail party

Looking to throw an elegant, yet effortless cocktail party? Simply follow these five easy steps to pull off the perfect bash.

Choose a date

You will have to select a date for your event is eventually, but the day you choose is vital! Host your cocktail party on a day best for the highest majority of your guests a.k.a. cast your net wide. Cocktail parties are typically best to host on the weekend…the name says it all “cocktail” party usually involves alcohol, and most guests will appreciate having a day off of work to rest the day after.

Party theme

Set a theme to add some pizzazz to your cocktail party! Anyone can host a typical get-together, but a theme will truly set yours apart.

  • Champagne and Dessert party, this theme makes choosing your food and drinks menu easy! Pop some bubbly and an array of desserts like mini cupcakes with sprinkles, cake balls and gooey cookies.
  • Black & White party, this theme will help your guests plan their party attire much more easily. Send black and white invites explaining the party wardrobe is black and white. This chic theme gives an upscale vibe. Select cocktails that match the theme too. Consider serving black cherry bellinis and white russians.
  • Hollywood glam, this theme is dashingly classy. Gold and red will be the focus of your cocktail party. Have guests wear swanky evening gowns and suits. A cocktail to match the theme? A fun party punch is festive and fun

Food, food, food

Guests will get hungry drinking tasty cocktails. Small plates, hors d’oeuvres and simple treats are easy to serve and give plenty of options. You’ll keep everyone happy with yummy cheese boards, nuts, and appetizers. Think about cheese, crackers, fruit and veggie plates. They’re simple, yet satisfying and sure to keep the party rolling all night.

Hostess with the ‘mostess’

You are vital component to creating the most perfect cocktail party. What does this mean? You made the guest lists, you sent the invites, you picked the theme, decorated the venue and the list goes on. Your role in this party is key. Make sure to mingle and greet all your guests. If you’re not having a fantastic time, then your guests probably won’t either! Let loose and have fun!

Decor, duh!

If choosing a party theme is out of the question, consider these simple steps to decorate your cocktail party. Pick a theme color (or two) at the bare minimum to more easily choose your decorations. Balloons and flowers are go-to decor ideas that compliment any bash. The addition of balloons immediately  create a fun party atmosphere. Flowers are another easy decor idea to add a festive touch. Place flowers in martini shakers, wine bottles or other holders and vases to match a cocktail party theme. Have fun!

These five simple guidelines are a great launch pad into planning the most effortless cocktail party. Dates, themes, decor, these pointers will escalate your party to top them all. Guests will gush about your cocktail party for years to come.

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