Victoria Park Golf Learning Centre

Victoria Park Golf Complex is home to one of Australia’s best golf coaching facilities. The industry-leading Golf Learning Centre is a double storey studio featuring seven coaching bays equipped with the latest technology including Trackman, high speed cameras, Force Plates and Golf Swing Analysis Software (GASP). The facility includes a putting studio and golf fitness studio offering access to a higher level of training and performance. Brisbane golf coaching has never been so accessible, with golf lessons available to the general public and a range of options suited for beginners right through to elite player

Golf Learning Technology


Trackman technology uses ground breaking golf club and ball tracking radar systems to allow our golf professionals to effectively measure your game and help unleash your potential. Trackman is used on all major professional golf tours around the world and is a key tool for learning and club fitting.

Video Capture

Our Golf Swing Analysis Software (GASP) allows our golf professionals to analyse your golf swing, providing an interactive experience and instant take home feedback through video capture.

SAM Balance Lab

SAM Balance Lab is an ultra-high resolution force plate used to evaluate balance, weight and pressure transfer during your golf swing, all key elements in game development.

Private Coaching Bays

Each top level coaching bay is equipped with three high speed cameras, Trackman, GASP, force plates and instant replay TV screens.

Putting Studio

Located on the top level, the putting studio is a raised putting green that utilises SAM Putt Lab and three high speed cameras integrated with GASP. SAM Putt Lab can instantly analyse a number of key performance indicators for your putting stroke. The technology can compare your putting stroke to top PGA tour professionals as well as identify your stroke type which will assist in choosing your ideal putter.

Golf Lessons

Victoria Park’s golf lessons are designed to suit beginners through to elite players. Each lesson is tailored to your needs and can include access to the Golf Learning Centre, short game practice facilities and golf course. Detailed reports and video feedback will be provided at the end of each lesson including Trackman, Force Plates and GASP.

Grass Training Areas

Our private grass training area can be utilised during your golf lessons to help simulate a real golf experience which will improve your game. The area caters for pitching, chipping, bunkers and putting as well as grass hitting tees to work on your full swing whilst under the guidance of a PGA Professional. Every shot you need to practice around the green can be acheived within this area.

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