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5 Tips For Marketing Your Event

5 Tips For Marketing Your Event 

Events (among other things) can increase profits, build your brand, establish relationships and spread awareness. Whether the event is a business meeting, educational conference, fundraiser or staff party, it’s important to your business and your customers.

Gone are the days of spending a good portion of your budget on invitation mail outs or print ads. Social media has proven itself to be an incredibly powerful tool in boosting not only event attendance but building targeted databases. The majority of promotions on social media cost relatively little when compared with traditional advertising avenues.


Whatever type of event you’ve got coming up, here are a few tips to boost attendance at your event with social media marketing.

1. Create events on social media early

On some social media platforms such as Facebook you can create events that you can invite and update in real time with relevant information as well as gauging interest for attendance. Invitees can let you know if they’re ‘going’, ‘maybe’ going or ‘not going’ as well as how many are invited. Therefore the longer the information is available; the sooner people can book you into their schedules.

Getting started on social media early and giving users a snippet/teaser can generate discussion and curiosity of your event. Make sure you are posting your event across multiple platforms in unique ways, for example using Twitter and Instagram to develop a hashtag, Linkedin and Facebook to create pages, invites and sections dedicated to information surrounding the event and even YouTube to distribute video content of what’s to come.

2. Post frequently

In order to get the most visibility for your event, it’s important to post across as many platforms as possible to boost event attendance. The more posts you make, the more publicity you’ll create and in turn the more chance you’ve got that new people will see it. However, there is a limit to posting frequently, you don’t want to span users every couple of hours, you simply want them to learn about it and essentially buy a ticket.

3. Promote with a handle (hashtag)

Hashtags aren’t huge on Facebook however; they are a big deal on Twitter and Instagram. Having a branded hashtag is an easy and cost free way to promote your event. Once it is picked up (trending) it can be used to generate conversation and excitement around your event as well as giving you free advertising that has the potential to go viral. This can also be turned around as an engagement metric that you can track on multiple platforms to see how users are receiving your event and what they are saying about it.

4. Schedule posts ahead of time

Planning an event is extremely time consuming, especially if you have to take time to promote it as well. Luckily, social media offers the ability to schedule posts ahead of time, saving you time in the long run. You can schedule posts and have them set to run on a specific schedule so that your audience is getting hit with the content at a good time (eg morning/afternoon commute) and the best part is, you don’t have to stop your job to get it to them!

5. Utilise paid advertising

Facebook and Instagram ads are among the best when it comes to making choices for your event advertising. When it comes to boosting event attendance, Facebook offers a choice in objectives based on what you are trying to achieve advertising – wise. For example, increasing event attendance, you can advertise the event you’ve created on facebook through sponsored posts or conversations to your website (to drive registration).

The main aim of paid advertising is to utilise ad space across multiple platforms which will help extend your visibility and reach as many as possible as well as getting people talking across multiple platforms. The best part from a marketing point of view is that it is all trackable.

Guest post cited through adespresso academy.

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